Shanai Matteson is an artist, writer, mother, and cultural organizer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She creates public art projects, documentaries, stories, and social spaces to illuminate and transform relationships.

Through slow and emergent arts activism, Shanai strives to change the conditions in which we create and collaborate, shifting narrative and culture, and the systems they shape.

In her work as a public artist and writer, she documents the people and experiences that move her, creating artwork that honors the complex and reciprocal nature of identity, experience, place, and memory.

Shanai is one of the founders and co-directors of Water Bar & Public Studio and has been involved in the development of dozens of other collaborative art and community spaces and projects. You can read her full biography here, or read her CV to learn more about her work.

She posts notes and other written work here whenever she can. You can reach her through the form below.