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Overburden / Overlook: Community Design Workshop

 Memorial Overlook, Leonidas, MN

Memorial Overlook, Leonidas, MN

My research collaborator Roopali Phadke and I will be returning to northern Minnesota's Iron Range to lead a workshop with community partners related to our proposed project Overburden / Overlook. This workshop will feature a group visit to an existing overlook, as well as storytelling and design activities that we hope will surface stories and ideas for this project. This is an invitation-only workshop. For more information or to get involved with this project, send me a note!


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Global Climate Summit - Water Pavilion

  Water Bar Winter Social 2016 - Photo by  Sean Smuda

Water Bar Winter Social 2016 - Photo by Sean Smuda

I will be bringing Water Bar to the Water Pavilion at the upcoming Global Climate Summit in San Francisco. The Water Pavilion, hosted by the California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, will bring together leaders from governments, business, civil society, academia, tribes and communities around the world for a two-day discussion focused on water’s role in reaching climate goals and building resilience to impacts.

I will be speaking about the work of artists alongside global policy and research as part of a panel on the future of water and governance. How can artistic and cultural projects and strategies elevate governance structures that support and achieve water-climate resilience?


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Water Bar at Minnesota State Fair

  Water Bar at Minnesota State Fair 2017

Water Bar at Minnesota State Fair 2017

For the second year in a row we have been invited to create a Water Bar project at the Minnesota State Fair. For 12 days I will be joining Water Bar volunteers and staff from our partnering organizations Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and Minnesota Department of Health. This year, we will be serving water from Saint Paul, Duluth, and rural communities across Minnesota. To learn more or to volunteer at the Water Bar, visit the Water Bar website or follow along on Instagram.

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