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Public speaking & workshops

As a public artist and cultural organizer - I’m always asking questions, learning lessons, and meeting inspiring people. I love to share stories about my own work and experiences with other people, encouraging them to think, live, and work in reciprocity, while promoting collective action for water, climate, and cultural resilience.

I’m available to speak at public events, professional conferences, classes, and community gatherings. I can lead discussions on a variety of topics, including:

  • Arts and cultural storytelling strategies to advance water and environment advocacy.

  • Ecological and place-based public art practices.

  • Cross-sector and rural-urban collaborations.

  • The art of mothering and compassionate cultural activism.

  • Feminine economies and leading an emergent arts-based social impact business.

My CV has a list of my past public speaking and panel presentations. I also design and facilitate workshops, and am available for consulting and collaborative design work through my role as Co-Director of Water Bar & Public Studio. Use the form on this page to send me a note if you’d like to get a conversation started.

Check this calendar for upcoming events & workshops.