studio projects

An important part of my process as a writer and public artist is the creation of small art and media projects. These are not entirely separate from my collaborative and community-based work, but they play a different role in my creative life. These projects help me to document and deepen my understanding of what I’m doing and learning, providing a means to share those ideas and stories with others in more intimate and lasting ways.

These projects take a variety of forms, including poetry, posters, book arts, and wearable or decorative art objects.

I consider most of these projects a kind documentary poetics. No matter what form these things take, I’m always in some sense writing—the land, the people, the feelings and stories I don’t want forgotten—and this writing practice is always informed by deep listening to the moment I’m immersed in. Most of these projects contain material I’ve gathered along the way, and are themselves a way of repairing and repurposing that material.

Some of the things I make can be purchased here or at Water Bar & Public Studio. Others are shared through visual art exhibitions and digital media projects. To visit me at my studio, send me a note!