Testifying Against Line 3 Greenlight Bill.

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When some guy joked, “I hope that’s moonshine.” I said, “Even better... It’s water... From a farm (thank you Lynn Mizner) ... In the “impact zone” of the proposed Enbridge tar sands oil pipeline”

This is a pretty good way to start a conversation, we've been doing this kinda thing since 2014.  Today, I took a couple of hours and went to a hearing for a house bill that proposed to begin construction of the Line 3 tar sands oil pipeline, throwing out all the previous public comments and environmental impact statement. This pipeline, if built as proposed, would cross the Mississippi in my hometown of Palisade.

I’ve never testified at a hearing like this, and I was grateful for the opportunity to listen and learn. The representative proposing the bill claimed that people in Northern Minnesota are desperate for the jobs and economic benefits a pipeline project like this will bring. He said he didn’t know what he was going to tell his constituents if they had to wait and miss this year’s construction season. Others talked about the urgency of protecting water, land and life from exploitation by corporations and the lobbyists and politicians they’ve apparently bought.

My favorite testimony came from those (mostly indigenous) people who spoke their dreams to power - envisioning futures where people live with and love land and water (and the local cultures it inspires) so much that they can’t be bought with promises of money. I'm inspired to keep dreaming and healing our imaginations.

Here is my testimony, for those who are curious why this matters so much to me and many others. You can learn more about efforts to stop Line 3 on this website.